I Am Your Friend And My Name Is Cash

I am your best friend in time of need. I can do for you what those who love you most are powerless to do without my aid. I am the grease that smooths the troubled waters of your life. I straighten out difficulties and remove obstacles that will yield to nothing else. I am a supporter of faith, a spur to ambitions and dreams of your desires, a tonic to aspiration, an invaluable aid to people who are struggling to make their dreams come true. I give a man a fine sense of independence, a feeling of security in regard to the future, which increases his strength and ability and enables him to work with more vigor and spontaneity. I am a stepping stone to better things, a hope builder, an enemy of discouragement, because I take away one of the greatest causes of poverty, worry, anxiety, and fear.

I increase self-respect and self-confidence, and give a feeling of comfort and assurance that nothing else can give. I impart a consciousness of power that makes multitudes, who otherwise would cringe and crawl, hold up their heads and carry themselves with dignity. I open the door to many opportunities for self-culture and to social and business advancement. I have enabled tens of thousands of young men, who made sacrifices to get me, to take advantage of splendid opportunities which those who did not have me were obliged to let go by. I increase your importance in the world and your power to do good.

I make people think well of your ability, increase their confidence in you, give you standing, capital, an assured position, influence, credit, and many of the good things of life that without me would be unattainable. I am a shock-absorber for the jolts of life, a buffer between you and the hard knocks of the world. The man or woman who doesn’t make an honest, determined effort to get me is lacking in one of the fundamental qualities that make for the happiness, the prosperity and well-being of the whole race. Millions of fathers, mothers and children have suffered all sorts of hardships and humiliations because husbands and fathers lacked this practical quality, which would have saved themselves and those who’s dependence upon them so much suffering and misery.

Multitudes have spent their declining years in homeless wretchedness, or etched out a miserable existence in humiliating dependence on the grudging charity of relatives, while other multitudes have died in the poorhouse, because they failed to make friends with me in their youth. I am one of the most reliable aids in the battle of life, the struggle for independence, ever ready to help you in an emergency of sickness in your family, accident or loss, a crisis in your business, whatever it may be. You can always rely on me to step into the forefront and do my work quietly, effectively, without bluster. I AM the almighty dollar . . . A LITTLE READY CASH!